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Про Україну
Опубліковано 19 липня 2022 року о 16:44

Discover Ukraine Now!


Endless fields, majestic mountains, unique wildlife, world-famous landscape parks...This is our homeland, our Ukraine. The country where power meets beauty.

Photography Project by Diana Rudenko

Ukrainian agrarian companies presentations:

- Veres company (legumes, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, vegetable spreads and salads, sauces, marinades, mustard etc)

- Pravio group (maize, sunflower, wheat, soy, Dairy products) 

- Nut of the Black Sea coast (walnuts)

more presentations:


Smart Oasis Fountain (Fully autonomous modular system for independent water production)

UA MAP (renewable energy and energy efficiency projects)

more presentations:



1. Charity project "Music for Peace":

   - Concert dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the United Nations 

   - Concert in the UNESCO headquarters

   - Concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

2. Project "Friendship bridge"

   - Premiere concert of Ukrainian-Iraqi friendship

3. Project "Musical dialogue of civilizations"

   - Arab song "Feve", Rahbani Brothers

   - Carol of the Bells, M.Leontovych

   - Ghamad Awi 

Fantasy Opera "Orpheus and Eurydice Forever"

 The first project in the World, which combined electronic music, rock direction and opera

Orpheus and Eurydice Forever Fantasy Opera

- Fantasy opera in Dubai

National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Ukraine

- "The Sleeping Beauty" ballet in Dubai

Mr. Yevgeny Khmara 

Mr. Yevgeny Khmara is a Ukrainian composer and virtuoso pianist, the owner of Hollywood Award Piano Improvisation, Yamaha Local Artist, Brand Face of Volvo  in Ukraine 

Yevgen Khmara music show

Volvo & Yevgen Khmara 

Charity concert for children with special needs 

Projects of foundation of sports schools for children and youth:

- Dynamo football academy in Dubai  (FB

- Deriugina School Dubai

The leading universities of Ukraine, which signed MОUs on cooperation with higher education establishments of Kuwait:

- Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

- Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

- Bogomolets National Medical University


In August 2020 the Embassy launched online campaign “STUDY IN UKRAINE NOW: Ukrainian universities – definitely your educational destination” to provide Kuwaiti citizens with the most relevant and comprehensive information about the most prominent universities of Ukraine offering a wide variety of popular major and minor programs, specializations: 

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Odessa National Medical University  

Flight Academy of the National Aviation University of Ukraine .

Fashion House Voleeyu

The international brand Fashion House VoleeYu is already 5 years old and more than 20 thematic collections have been made, each of which is not similar to the other, and many countries of the world have been conquered.

Collections of the fashion brand Fashion House VoleeYu were demonstrated in countries such as France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Canada, Azerbaijan, Japan, China.

The brand is powerful in its potential, it also has branches: accessories of its own production, room decoration, as well as unique valuable accessories specially designed for the countries of the Middle East.

Future technologies available today.  

Magic Innovations team's focus and specialization is architectural mapping, including shows on the largest structures in the world.

The 'magicians' create mindblowing 30 second intro shows for 10 minute blitz-conference on one project, alongside a 6-month permanent interactive installation on another.

Magic Innovations Portfolio   

Українська компанія "DLF Attorneys-at-law" - це команда  фахівців, які  консультують іноземні компанії з питань виходу на український ринок та з правових питань захисту інвестицій в Україні, а також надають юридичну підтримку клієнтам під час придбання підприємств та створення нових компаній в Україні. Корисні статті від "DLF Attorneys-at-law": 

6 steps for foreigners to buy real estate in Ukraine ;

How to get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine ;

How to control a Ukrainian debtor in times of crisis ;

Land market opening in Ukraine ;

Rental fee in Ukraine during the quarantine ;

Force majeure in Ukraine: legal aspects ;

Important information for foreigners in Ukraine during COVID-19 quarantine ;

Obtaining the force majeure certificate in Ukraine ;

Force majeure in Ukraine: legal aspects ;

Labour relations in Ukraine at the time of quarantine ;

Company liquidation: how to close an LLC in Ukraine ;

Financial assistance for Ukrainian subsidiaries in times of crisis ;

How can a foreigner buy real estate in Ukraine? ;

Tax system of Ukraine: VAT, single social contribution and property tax ;

Tax system of Ukraine: corporate income tax and simplified tax system ;

Investing in Ukraine: overview ;

Applying for a work permit in Ukraine ;

Limited liability company in Ukraine ;

Renewable energy in Ukraine ;

New law of Ukraine on concession ;

Ukrainian bankruptcy code ;

Obtaining a license to work abroad .

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