Embassy of Ukraine in Kuwait

Kyiv 04:54

The community of citizens of Ukraine in the State of Kuwait

Аbout 600 citizens of Ukraine temporarily and permanently reside in Kuwait, representing innumerous Ukrainian community in the country of accreditation.

Out of them 215 citizens of Ukraine (177 - adults, 38 - children) are included into consular registry at the Embassy. Most of the Ukrainians are wives and children of the nationals of Kuwait and other countries (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt), working in local companies.

Many Ukrainians work on private contracts in sports clubs (coaches in gymnastics, fencing, swimming, etc.), the medical sphere (doctors - masseur), banks, construction companies, academic institutions, hotels, industrial plants, offices and so on. 

Kuwait Airlines Kuwait Airways (about 70 people) and Al-Orf Hospital (about 40 people) are the major employers for Ukrainian citizens.

It has already become a good tradition to hold meetings with people from Ukraine and members of their families, particularly for celebrating the Day of Unification, Independence and the Constitution of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko evenings, Christmas and New Year holidays. A number of our citizens actively participate in work of commissions during the elections of President of Ukraine and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) of Ukraine, as well organization of cultural or political events.

The important event in the life of the local Ukrainian community was the creation of the Public Union of Ukrainian-Kuwaiti Friendship (January 2012), composed of citizens of Ukraine, who live in the country of accreditation, as well as citizens of Kuwait and other Arab countries, whose lives are connected to our state (family, education or business).

In order to expand the ways of contacting with the citizens of Ukraine and provide a quick response to their appeals and offers the diplomatic mission created its own page in the social network «Facebook» - «Українці в Кувейті / Ukrainians in Kuwait».